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Sharing experiences, Offering solutions, Making dreams come true

EuroCidadanias is a company specialized in counselling and advisory for those who wish to obtain an european citizenship: be it portuguese, spanish, italian, german or polish, through more than 15 years of Law professional experience in Brazil Portugal and Germany. The founders of EuroCidadanias currently have brazilian, german and portuguese citizenships.

We are able to work in a personalized and dynamic way, searching for documents, genealogy and foreign sentence homologation in Brazil and in Portugal.

We also act as consultants for those who wish to emigrate to Spain or Portugal through investments. Besides the knowledge and experience obtained, EuroCidadanias may also direct clients to partners and professional experts which can help with: opening bank accounts overseas, consult with an accountant or real-estate agent.

We know choosing a property to buy in a foreign country is a huge challenge for anyone. Knowing the market is essential in order to make a good acquisition or negotiating rent. Our services aim at introducing, through our partners, the real-estate local market and all its possibilities.

We get involved with our client’s reality, be it in the acquisition of an european citizenship, in the opportunity of working in a country of the European Union, through the equivalence or acknowledgment of a foreign diploma, through studies, or simply residing legally in one of the 26 countries of the European Community; through a constructive partnership relation, of mutual respect, in which we make way for you to achieve your goals.

Currently we act directly and have offices in Brazil, Portugal and Germany.

Lawyer responsible for EuroCidadanias registered in 3 countries:

  • OAB – Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil
  • AO – Ordem dos Advogados de Portugal
  • RAK M – Rechtsanwaltskammer München

Our mission is to exercise our work in an ethical way, focusing on the quality, agility and obtainment of solutions, to share experiences, offer solutions and make our clients’ dreams come true.

Our vision is to make our clients’ dreams come true. Support and help the client are our biggest principles, making them feel confident, secure and comfortable, through our transparency, ethics and commitment, that they are receiving a service with adequate price and results.

We offer our services in portuguese, spanish, german and english.

We facilitate the pay!

It would be a pleasure to have you as our client.

Cássia Schäfer

Cássia Schäfer

OAB/SP 200.283
OA Portugal 56360L
RAK München 43698

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